About Domenico Castello salon

Elegant simplicity, bright space, minimalist chic became the epitome of the style of this place.
Was conceived as a new informal and spiritual space.
Salon luxurious, but not ostentatious.
In its elegance and comfort, it is dedicated to those who are looking for proper hair care and who care about the science of beauty.
The interiors of designer furniture from Maletti, one of the most respected Italian companies in the field of hairdressing, perfectly complete the picture.
Domenico strongly believes in the ambitious project of his first salon in the center of Moscow.
The task was to create an atmosphere capable of conveying the best of style, craftsmanship, creativity of the “Made in Italy” brand. This was the motivation for the formation of the Italian team of stylists behind whom there is a great experience in this field.
Considerable research has been done in the selection of treatments for hair care.
The salon has an exceptional product line that can now be found on the international professional market.

Attention is paid to natural coloring, such as henna. It has effective hair restoration properties and has been used by women in ancient times.

The salon team cleverly chooses hair care products and uses the latest personalized technology to make customers feel exceptionally beautiful and special.

It is this emotion that Domenico translates in his work, which he passionately performs every day.

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