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Domenico Castello top stylist

Domenico Castello started his professional career while still young and went global from the beginning. From his native Naples he moved on to Rome and Milan working for Gucci, Armani, Dolce&Gabbana and other fashion houses. Madrid was his next stop. Throughout these years he polished his craft, gave workshops, trained future stylists and studied new techniques.


In 2006 Domenico was invited to become the art director of Aldo Coppola salons in Moscow. He instantly fell in love with the city. During his time in the Russian capital he learned the language and developed his signature style which is a great hit with society ladies, celebrities and beauties of Moscow.


In 2014 Domenico started an ambitious project of his own. He created a space where he can experiment and practice his art freely and fully. As the Formula One winning racers say «No risk, no champaign». And in Domenico’s space there’s plenty of it.


Domenico managed to unite under one roof the finest hairstylists who transform hair care into a real ritual invoking beauty. The irresistible charm of this is experienced by every client who feels like the warmly welcomed guest. For Domenico love is the main attribute of success as he says «My art and my family are all that really matters».


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